Using Optical Imagery and Fuzzy Logic to Map Wildfires in British Columbia

Posted 3 weeks ago

By in the BCIT Blog

Exacerbated by human-induced climate change, wildfires have become increasingly severe and devastating in recent years. In British Columbia over the past decade, wildfires have consistently cost hundreds of millions in damages and pose serious health threats to the population as the smoke lingers over populous areas throughout the province.  For our British Columbia Institute of […]

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Meet the teams of the ECCE App Challenge 2022

Posted 1 month ago


The annual ECCE App Challenge has recently completed its 8th iteration. Each year this competition provides us with the opportunity to see many new and interesting apps created and presented by teams joining from ECCE schools across the country. The 2022 App Challenge has continued this tradition, giving a total of 25 teams of students […]

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Delineating Urban Lake Watersheds using Arc Hydro

Posted 1 month ago

By in the Dalhousie Blog

Many natural and anthropogenic processes occurring within a lake’s watershed directly affect lake water quality (Soranno et al., 2015). As such, delineating the bounds of a lake’s watershed is often the first step towards identifying factors driving changes in water quality over time. This critical step can be achieved with the help of Arc Hydro, […]

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Watershed Analysis Over the Don Valley River: The Potential Pathways of Aqueous Pollutants

Posted 2 months ago

By in the UofT Blog

Water is a crucial catalyst in propelling an inexhaustible list of anthropogenic activities such as agricultural practices, daily household commodities, and industrial/mining pursuits. Despite being limited to such a finite supply of freshwater resources, future generations will find themselves in a troubling situation as this fundamental resource is being exploited to an irreparable extent by […]

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