1) You don’t have to be a developer to benefit

Technical literacy and systems of engagement are proliferating in geographic disciplines, so even if your interests are far removed from software development, you will come away understanding new ways to augment your work and connect with your audience.

The plenary session at the 2019 Esri Developer Summit

2) Your experience level isn’t a factor

With the plenary and keynote presentations open to all audiences, and the sessions and technical workshops well represented across all experience levels, there’s simply no reason to think that you might be out of your element at the Dev Summit.

3) There’s something for everyone

A diverse array of topics are covered across the sessions, from AI and deep learning to image analysis, cartography, python scripting, data visualization, 3D, the list goes on and on…


4) It’s incredibly rich in content

There are more sessions and technical workshops available over the week than you can possibly attend. Chances are that you will have more difficulty deciding between sessions than finding one that suits you!


5) See into the future with forthcoming technology and trends

There’s no better place to gain insight into what new tech is emerging in GIS.


6) Witness compelling speakers at the keynote

The Dev Summit is the perfect place to renew your interests and come away inspired to take on the next challenges in your work.


7) Troubleshoot at the Esri showcase

Possibly the best aspect of the Dev Summit for the student, the ESRI showcase is host to industry professionals with expertise in just about every related discipline. Come prepared with questions and the showcase team will have answers for you in no time!


8) Networking opportunities are at every turn

It’s almost impossible not to happen upon some meaningful networking at the Dev Summit. It’s a very friendly atmosphere and folks are ready and willing to connect and learn from one another.


9) There’s plenty of local attractions

If the Dev Summit schedule isn’t packed enough for you, there’s plenty of attractions in Palm Springs. Check out the aerial tramway, bustling downtown, craft breweries, museums, local nature, and much more!


10) The atmospheric conditions in Palm Springs

Let’s face it, this isn’t Canadian weather in March.

View of Palm Springs to the Southwest of the Convention Center

11) You’ll soon have a guide to making your trip a success

Stay tuned!