Not quite sure what an ECCE Student Associate is? Read on to find out about the benefits and responsibilities associated with this notable designation.

What is an ECCE Student Associate?

Each institution involved in the ECCE program can select several students to be designated as ECCE Student Associates. An ECCE Student Associate can be thought of as a particularly exceptional student involved in GIS research and/or development, and can be either an undergraduate or graduate student.

Student Associates will gain access to many resources including Esri Canada GIS Training, a premium ArcGIS Developer Subscription, personalized technical assistance from Esri Canada developers, and free student registration at local Esri Canada User Conferences. On top of all these perks, Student Associates will also be able to take advantage of free registration (limit of 2 per ECCE) at the Esri Developer Summit (Palm Springs, CA).

As part of being an ECCE Student Associate, we expect that you will contribute content to the ECCE blog. For examples of suitable content for the ECCE blog, please read through the most recent ECCE blog posts. We regularly promote articles posted to the ECCE blog on the @EsriCanada Twitter feed. This is a great opportunity to share GIS-related research you are currently involved in with a larger audience.

Are you an ECCE Student Associate? Visit the ECCE Associate Hub!

Student Associate FAQ

  • How do I submit a post to the ECCE blog?

    When you have been selected as a Student Associate by your ECCE coordinator, an account will be created for you to login to the ECCE website. When you are logged in, you can submit new blog posts from a link provided on the ECCE blog web page.

    When you submit a new blog post, it will be published to the ECCE blog for your school after being reviewed.

  • Do you have any guidelines for an ECCE blog post?

    The ECCE blog is a great place for you to share any interesting Esri GIS-related ideas or content. This includes research you are carrying out that you’d like to show off and/or collaborate with other ECCE members on, useful new GIS resources that you want to share with your colleagues, Esri User Conference experiences, or anything you can think of that has a connection to the Esri GIS platform. Blog posts should range from roughly 300 to 1000 words, and include at least 1 image relevant to your post.

    We would like to foster a community of discussion and collaboration amongst ECCE members, and to facilitate this, we will have a comments section for each post where you can give your opinion on the topics being presented within the blog.

  • What type of Esri Canada GIS Training is available?

    ECCE Student Associates may register for Esri Canada Training courses that can be found through the Esri Canada Course Catalogue. Registration costs are waived by Esri Canada for a limited number of courses available to each ECCE for Student Associates. To take advantage of this, please consult your ECCE coordinator to confirm availability and to register for a course.

  • What is an ArcGIS Developer Subscription?

    An ArcGIS Developer Subscription is a yearly subscription that gives you access to Esri’s ArcGIS platform of software and services. If you register for a subscription as an ECCE Student Associate, you will gain access to the following Esri components:

    • Client SDKs
      • JavaScript/Python API, Native Runtime SDKs (iOS, Android, Windows)
    • Configurable Apps and Builders
    • Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition)
    • AppStudio for ArcGIS (Standard)
    • ArcGIS Online Org and Apps
      • Including Collector, Workforce, Explorer, and Survey123 apps.
    • ArcGIS Desktop (Standard)
      • Advanced 3D, Network, and Spatial Analysis extensions
    • Navigator for ArcGIS
    • ArcGIS Desktop Extensions
      • Advanced 3D, Network, and Spatial Analysis
    • ArcGIS Pro SDK and ArcObjects SDKs
    • ArcGIS Engine
    • ArcGIS Enterprise (Advanced)
    • Esri CityEngine (Advanced)

    If you are an ECCE student associate, and would like register for a premium ArcGIS Developer Subscription, please send your request to with your contact information (full name, phone number, and postal address)

  • How can I register for Esri User Conferences for free?

    To register for Esri Canada User Conferences for free, please refer to the Events category in the Associates Hub for details and instructions. It is a good idea to ensure you are registered at least one month ahead of time.

    If you wish to register for the Esri Developer Summit, you should first contact your ECCE’s director. If your ECCE director approves your request, send an email to with your ECCE director cc’d, and you will be forwarded a URL to register for the conference of interest.

    Please note that Esri Canada will not cover your airfare or accommodation costs for any Esri conference.