My name is Mark Bennett and I am happy to call Dalhousie University home in Halifax, Nova Scotia. My background is in Biology and I hope to pursue a graduate degree in Epidemiology. My interests lay under the broad umbrella of environmental health, where both ‘environment’ and ‘health’ maintain a wide range of definitions extending to the social, cultural, and natural perceptions of health and a healthy environment. My past studies have provided me with a number of experiences with GIS and spatial analysis, and I look forward to expanding on my network through the connections of the ECCE. Throughout the breadth of my interdisciplinary experiences, ESRI’s wide range of spatial analytics has provided me more than enough options to carry out analysis; from radon exposure modelling in Nova Scotia, to urban/rural predictors of physical activity using remotely sensed data, or the analysis of spatial patterns of parent/child pairs. I hope to move forward with my personal interest of the gestational exposure to natural landscapes and the perinatal outcomes of allergic biomarkers. I am excited to contribute blog posts in the New Year and learn more about the ECCE and their student associates!