Esri Canada GIS Centres of Excellence

The ECCE intiative hosts several blogs contributed to by members of each of the Centres of Excellence. Browse through to see what new and exciting things are happening in the geospatial and academic communities.

ECCE App challenge 2019!

Hello Everyone! What a whirlwind week that was, with next week promising much of the same as I am attending the Esri Developer Summit in Palm Springs. I participated in the App Challenge [...]

GIS Beyond Earth

When we think about GIS in our everyday lives, we typically consider the ways it benefits us here on Earth. From mapping natural disasters to planning the intricate details of new urban [...]

3D and Virtual Reality

One of my favourite parts of GIS is when you get to display your work in a way that gets more engagement from the reader/audience. I find the most interesting way of displaying data is with [...]