Esri Canada GIS Centres of Excellence

The ECCE intiative hosts several blogs contributed to by members of each of the Centres of Excellence. Browse through to see what new and exciting things are happening in the geospatial and academic communities.

Safer Cycling

Hello all, my name is Alex Oestreicher, and I’ve spent the last 4 months working at Ottawa city hall as a GIS Assistant, as part of the Carleton University Department of Geography and [...]

Making the Old New Again

3D Reconstruction of Palmyra cir.300CE Using CityEngine Amidst all that is going on in the world presently, there is an ongoing struggle to preserve pieces of the past in all shapes and [...]

My experiences so far…

Hello Everyone, My name is RJ Mitchell and I'm a 3-rd year undergraduate student at Carleton University. I major in Geomatics Engineering and double-minor in Business: Entrepreneurship [...]

About Me

Hello Everyone! My name is Alex Oestreicher. I am currently in my fourth year of my Geomatics major at Carleton University (Ottawa, ON). My background is largely in Geology, but after I [...]