My name is Colin Werle, I am an ECCE Student Associate at the Centre of Geographic Sciences in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia where I am currently on track to completing an Advanced Diploma in Geographic Sciences. I have a BA in Geography, and a minor in Economics from Saint Mary’s University in my hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

In the Advanced Geographic Sciences Program (AGEO) we have the option to choose one three concentrations to pursue. I am currently in between the decision of concentrating in GIS or in Remote Sensing, as we will be choosing our specializations in the near future. I have a relatively solid background in both concentrations based on my course work and research experience throughout my university degree, as well as my work experience with the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing over the summer of 2017.

The program has already proven to be intellectually challenging and a heavy workload (as expected), and I have been enjoying expanding my skill set in some of the fundamental platforms that encompass the geoscience discipline. For example, I have recently been getting familiar with ArcGIS Pro, as well as learning the dynamics of HTML, Python, and SQL programming languages. The AGEO program as been fantastic so far, and there is a great group of people here to complete my studies with along the way.

I am excited to be apart of the ECCE community, and look forward to keeping everyone up to date on the kind of research and projects that is going on here at COGS in the AGEO program. I also look forward to reading other ECCE members posts, and hope to meet at least some of you along the way.