The App Challenge Team Spotlight series consists of articles focused on teams that participated in the ECCE App Challenge and the apps they built for the competition.

Jasmine Hunter, Jing Yan, and Nicole Serrafero took part in the ECCE App Challenge as members of team CogsALPHA. They were one of the three teams represented in the competition from the Nova Scotia Community College’s Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS).

Jasmine Hunter (left), Jing Yan (centre), and Nicole Serrafero (right)

Jasmine Hunter is from Fredericton, New Brunswick. She graduated from Mount Allison University with a BSc in Environmental Science in 2014. Jasmine is currently attending COGS and is enrolled in the Advanced Diploma in Geographic Sciences program concentrating in GIS. Her research interests include agriculture potential and forestry, wildlife, and habitat applications.

Jing Yan is a Bachelor of Engineering from Hunan University in China, and a Master of Planning from Dalhousie University. She has over two years of experience working at Rogers Cable in Toronto as a telecommunication planner. Currently Jing is most interested in 3D GIS and Web applications. For her capstone project at COGS, she plans to build a CityEngine model with several levels of detail, and publish it as a Web Scene.

Nicole Serrafero grew up in Mississauga, Ontario where she studied at the University of Toronto Mississauga Campus (UTM). There she received an honours Bachelor of Science degree in GIS and Environmental Management. Nicole loves the outdoors and has had hands on field work experience through her courses, jobs, and research summer student position at UTM. Nicole also found her love for GIS through her courses at UTM and now at the Centre of Geographic Sciences. She is excited to find a job that will take advantage of her love for the outdoors and GIS!

With the upcoming arrival of the Toronto 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am games, CogsALPHA decided to build an app that could help those looking to travel to and attend events across the city (and the Greater Toronto Area). “Bike to the Pan Am Games” seeks to provide users with a method to visit different sporting events by utilizing Toronto’s Bike Share program. The app provides relevant information to the user such as the number of bikes available at each dock, locations of each Bike Share terminal, bike lanes spanning the city of Toronto, and the locations and dates of all Pan Am/Parapan Am events.

“Bike to the Pan Am Games” makes it easy to search for you favourite sporting events and find a quick and efficient way of getting to them.

With the ability to easily search for your favourite sporting events across the city, and plan bike routes between different venues, “Bike to the Pan Am Games” is the perfect companion for any active person looking to attend the Pan Am/Parapan Am games! Take a look at Bike to the Pan Am Games or read more about the app on the CogsALPHA Github page.