This year’s ECCE App Challenge has begun!

This is the fourth annual iteration of this event since the challenge was first introduced by the Esri Canada GIS Centres of Excellence in 2015. We have seen many great apps produced each year by students using ArcGIS technology, and we anticipate to a record number of participating teams this year. The first app challenge in 2015 saw 10 teams participate, followed by 20 teams in 2016, and 17 teams in 2017. We expect this year we will have 25 teams participating, and are excited to see the new and innovative apps that will be created by the students at ECCEs across Canada.

Each year, we accommodate different academic schedules at all of the centres of excellence by allowing each school to schedule the one-week challenge at a time of their choosing over a six week period. Teams at the University of Waterloo were the first to participate this year – they began the challenge last Friday, and will be submitting their creations today. Next up will be the teams at COGS, who will start working on their App Challenge projects later today. All of the ECCEs have completed their App Challenge by the end of March, at which time we will add the source code and documentation submitted by each team to the ECCE GitHub repository. Team profiles, video presentations and live demonstrations of their apps will also be presented in the App Challenge 2018 web page hosted from our GitHub account.

Judging will begin after the challenge is completed. Winners will be announced at the end of April, and the members of the winning team will be awarded an expenses-paid trip to the Esri User Conference in San Diego!

Visit the App Challenge web page for details about the competition.